Photographer: Barry Wills

Financial Reports and tax Returns

The preparation of Financial Reports and Tax Returns are the core activity around which MFT operates.

As we are a professional firm (members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants) we must follow prescribed guidelines for the preparation of the reports – we aren’t a bunch of cowboys.So we put a lot of effort into getting them right. 

We have a team of experienced staff who know what they are doing and what to look out for.  We are constantly investing in technology which allows us to do the job better, faster, and cause you the least amount of hassles.

The senior advisors take the time to go through your accounts and pick up any issues and try to explain the reports in terms you can understand.

MFT is accredited as a “Tax Agent” with Inland Revenue.  This means that you get to file your tax returns later than an ordinary taxpayer and also have extra time to pay your final terminal tax bill.

Not least, we actively investigate structuring opportunities which minimise the amount of tax you pay.