Photographer: Barry Wills

Taxation Advice

Given that it is one of the two certainties in life, it is surprising how reckless some people can be with tax.  Some people take big gambles with tax, turning a blind eye to some serious consequences.

A person is fully entitled to structure their affairs so as to pay the least amount of tax. That is where MFT can help you.  We review your business and how it operates and advise on the best structures to minimise tax. We also provide advice on large or unusual transactions and clarify what the tax implications will be.

Taxation law is constantly changing and is complex. We keep right up to date with developments and try to provide advice to you in language you can understand.

We provide a complete service of help and advice in all of the following areas:

  • Preparation of personal & company tax returns and advice on payment of tax
  • We send reminders out to you when tax payments are due
  • GST/FBT/ACC obligations
  • Advice on and implementation of tax effective trust structures for asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Management of any IRD Audits or disputes